Why XR Training?

Implementing XR training can improve staff's working incentive and productivity. Tailor-made real-life scenarios can be created according to the client’s business needs, and it trains employee's employment skills in a realistic simulated environment. Thus, trainees would be well-prepared for any emergency. XR training requires less space which means it can reduce the cost of renting a training place. Besides, once an XR training program is developed, clients do not need to waste time for set up and training implementation again.

With the Industry 4.0 revolution and the uptake of increased digitization, there is a shift in skill requirements for the future workforce. Research from World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, nearly 35% of the top skills needed across all job families will change; therefore, there is a flourishing need to focus on corporate training.

An effective & safe training method

According to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.


XR training provides the employees with an environment which is highly interactive both virtually and physically. By imitating the physical environment, it enables employees to practice the skills of the real world while in a safe environment which greatly enrich the learning experience and enhance the efficiency of learning. XR training is not a one-off training solution. Various types of training modules can be developed for further safety enhancement in every situation.

Increase ROI

Comparing with the traditional training methods, XR training can replicate the situational experience in elaborate environments which helps companies to save money on transportation, equipment and environments.


It can also erase distances between trainers and trainees who are physically located in different places of the world.  XR training system provides an accurate data analysis which allows supervisors to check on the workers’ training process at anytime and anywhere.

Provide an all-rounded behavioural data

An immediate performance result is provided to employees upon the completion of XR training. Therefore, it enables them to pay more attention to improving specific areas. From an employer perspective, big data collected from immersive training sections offer companies an all-rounded behavioural data which allows employers to make adjustment of the training content, enhance the effectiveness.

What is XR?
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