XR technology is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry. XR training can replace overly expensive props and reduce the need for healthcare professionals to travel long distances to learn fundamental skills.  With visualizing the real-life scenarios, learners can practice over again and again instead of learning from books or watching others’ practice.

Apart from training and educating in the medical sector, XR training also plays an important role in the use of therapy and rehabilitation.  Patients who get rehabilitation with XR technology allows healthcare professionals to monitor the performance and progress, which can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment progress.

Virtual Reality

Drug Rehabilitation Program

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Operational Efficiency

To minimize redundancy and waste and enhance operational efficiency.

Health & Safety

To raise the safety awareness of employees under a risk-free and monitored environment.


To increase learners' engagement and retain memories via an enjoyable learning experience.

Soft Skills

To improve personal performance and communication skills in workplace and even personal life.